The animated series "Myshko and Dzvinka" goes to the Cartoon Forum 2020

"Myshko and Dzvinka" is the first Ukrainian animated series that was selected to the most important European market of series projects Cartoon Forum 2020. It will take place from 14 to 17 September in Toulouse (France).

The forum has been held since 1990. It is a unique event that gives the opportunity to producers of animated series during the pitching sessions of pre-selected TV projects to find international partners and enlist financial support. During the existence of the Cartoon Forum, more than 814 selected projects with a total budget of 2.81 billion euros have secured funding and are now either in production or already broadcast worldwide.

The animation studio KAPI makes the family, comedy, and adventure series "Myshko and Dzvinka" for children of preschool age. The technique of the series is 2D. It is based on a collection of short stories by the writer Natalia Guzeeva ("Kapitoshka", "How Petryk Piatochkyn counted elephants", "23 insults of Petryk Piatochkyn").

The new season "When the Moon Rises" is a continuation of a series of films about the boy Myshko and the Moon girl Dzvinka which was funded by the Ukrainian Film Fund in 2014 and 2016. Screenwriter Anton Bazelinsky and director Lyudmila Tkachykova are working with the author on 12 episodes.

According to the producer of the series Michael Margulis, the international community has been interested in the format and artistic features of the series.

"In terms of artistic features, this project is, first of all, an author's series. It is exactly the kind that can be seen in the competition programs of animation festivals in Annecy, Stuttgart. We can say that this is a personal, authentic film in the series form. Now it can be called a general trend when a completely commercial series strives for authorial orientation because originality helps to fight for the audience's attention”, the producer said.